Summer Trends I’m in Love With

June 11, 2011

Hey guys! I’m hopping back on board with Friend Friday! I think this is the first post I’ve done since I start college– shame on me! :(

This week’s topic has to do with summer trends. Here are five that I’m really into!

My summer picks!

1. Shorts! Very typical, but I love all my shorts so much. High-waisted are my favorite, but I also love colored denim to switch things up.
2. Sheer or lace tops. I feel like these are synonymous with summer as they read as light and airy, which is perfect in the summer heat!
3. Crop tops. Crop tops also = summer, yes?
4. Bandeau bras. Great as a pop of color under something oversized or backless!
5. Bright nail polish. There’s something about wearing neutrals from head-to-toe and then creating an unexpected twist with neon nails that I love.

Though, this is all me year round anyway. Hahahaha.

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