Shoulda Crowned Her

June 12, 2014

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Radical-Darling-American-Apparel-Cali-Sun-and-Fun-Fuzzy-Crop-Sweater-American-Apparel-Denim-Circle-Skirt-Miista-Siri-Pumps-2Radical-Darling-American-Apparel-Cali-Sun-and-Fun-Fuzzy-Crop-Sweater-American-Apparel-Denim-Circle-Skirt-Miista-Siri-Pumps-3Radical-Darling-American-Apparel-Cali-Sun-and-Fun-Fuzzy-Crop-Sweater-American-Apparel-Denim-Circle-Skirt-Miista-Siri-Pumps-4Radical-Darling-American-Apparel-Cali-Sun-and-Fun-Fuzzy-Crop-Sweater-American-Apparel-Denim-Circle-Skirt-Miista-Siri-Pumps-5Radical-Darling-American-Apparel-Cali-Sun-and-Fun-Fuzzy-Crop-Sweater-American-Apparel-Denim-Circle-Skirt-Miista-Siri-Pumps-6Radical-Darling-American-Apparel-Cali-Sun-and-Fun-Fuzzy-Crop-Sweater-American-Apparel-Denim-Circle-Skirt-Miista-Siri-Pumps-7+ American Apparel Cali Sun & Fun Fuzzy Cropped Sweater (c/o)+ American Apparel Denim Circle Skirt in Dark Wash + Miista Siri Pumps (sold out, here in agate) +

1. You’re probably so sick of this skirt (and I don’t care, I love it), 2. The weather was the perfect amount of hot and cold for this awesome sweater on this day in Providence, and 3. I’ve had these Miistas for months but you’re only just now seeing them because I’m the worst.

This was the perfect overcast day for photos but then the sun came out for a moment and bam! The first photo of this post came into being. I love all the other photos because of the even lighting but there’s something so great about the dramatic light that came from the sun peeking out for just a sec.

Have you ever found a song that described a very specific and current part of your life so thoroughly? I’ve been obsessed with “Goddess” by Banks for like a month. So good.

Also my long arms continue to struggle with finding long-enough sleeves.

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Brittanny June 13, 2014 at 12:21 pm

I like the shirt :)


Kailey June 14, 2014 at 7:37 am

Those heels are absolutely gorgeousss! And you shouldn’t feel bad for wearing a piece multiple times on your blog – it just shows how versatile it is and besides, people shouldn’t expect you to have a endless wardrobe ;A;! <3


Ria July 3, 2014 at 11:43 am

I’m obssessed with Banks. She’s so great and the remixes are absolute fire. Love your top as well. Banks is coming to Grand Central in September, if you’re here you should come with! I don’t know anyone else that likes or knows her.



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