Gold / Peach Zig-Zag Nail Art

July 26, 2012

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So, if you guys haven’t heard of Pshiiit, you need to get on that! Pshiiit has the most creative nail DIYs that I’ve been looking at for inspiration for a while, but I’m just now getting to it. I had surfed Tumblr and Pinterest yesterday morning with no success, and then remember that Pshiiit could come to the rescue with this tutorial.

This summer, I’ve been stuck on pink + gold nail polish. I recently bought American Apparel’s ‘Neon Pink‘ which I’ve been meaning to swatch, but something always goes wrong with my cute manicures! Yellowing, REDDING, in-the-car applications, etc.

Anyway, to refrain from using that hot pink + gold color combo again, I decided to switch it up by using American Apparel’s ‘Mannequin‘. If you’ve been around for a little while, you saw me swatch it HORRIBLY here (it was a quick nail job…like…quick!) Anyway, ‘Mannequin’ is a soft peach that leans a tad to being tan. It goes on a little streaky but a couple coats and a good top coat make it perfect. The gold is ‘Gold Flash‘, and it’s my favorite right now. It looks so good with gold accessories. You’ve seen me wear it before.

What have your nails been like lately? Is anyone else as uninspired by “Summer Trendzzz” as I am? Share!

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Jenmarie July 28, 2012 at 1:38 am

I’m definitely going to have to check that website out! Loving the way your nails turned out, and what a pretty color! I love the way their bottles look!


Melanie July 29, 2012 at 11:44 pm

Isn’t this such an awesome idea? Definitely try some of the stuff over at Pshiiit! Thank you <3 And yeah, their bottles are so nice. They're pretty compact and store well, too!


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