Friend Friday

August 13, 2010

Friend Friday is a weekly questionnaire on fashion/blogger related topics started by Katy of Modly Chic.

This week’s topic is weight! Four years ago, I was a stuck-up trendy kid in my freshman year of high school, and I actually had a big problem with larger girls. I just didn’t really befriend them and often gave the cold shoulder. It wasn’t consistent, since some of my long-time friends were plus-sized girls. Now that I’m more mature, I’ve put that all behind me and I’m cool with everyone. I feel like a jerk for admitting that, but I suppose I needed it to be said. Anyway, on to the questions:

1. Should someone’s size stop them from fashion blogging or having a voice in the community?
I firmly believe everyone should do whatever they want to do. Everyone wears clothes. Why shouldn’t everyone be able to have an opinion on fashion?
2. In your opinion, can the term “curvy” and “plus-sized” be used interchangeably when it comes to fashion?
I’m a bit on the fence about this. Personally, I see no problem with this, BUT women of every size can be curvy, so it can occasionally be misleading. In the fashion world, I’ve noticed, they are becoming quite synonymous.
3. Many people make the argument that catering to plus sized women would promote being overweight as “okay”. What do you think? Should more designers be catering to plus size women?
I’m sorry, that’s stupid. I don’t even know where to begin. There are many people who doesn’t have a choice about their weight. Conditions such as hypothyroidism or diabetes often cause people to gain lots of weight. Why shouldn’t these people be comfortable with their weight when they have no other option? Yes, their health may be compromised, but sometimes they can’t help it. For those who are overweight by choice of lifestyle, yeah their health may be compromised, but as I said, it’s CHOICE. & YES! Designers should cater to plus-sized women since they’re human, too. Who says that larger woman can’t be fabulous as well? ;)
4. Should the mainstream fashion industry be showcasing more plus size models?
Definitely! Even more average-weight models. How will showing underweight models make ANYONE feel comfortable themselves?
5. For you personally, how do you view your size, the struggle with it through the years, your ideal size, etc…
I’m at a perfectly healthy size, however, I’d like to be a little lighter. I have a short torso and long legs, and I gain most of my weight in my butt and thighs. I often have trouble with jeans since my but is a bit on the high side, so by losing the weight, I’ll obtain a normal fit for my jeans, and simultaneously create a lengthening look for my torso. I was 130 a few weeks ago and I’m now at around 120, and I see a huge difference. Once I am 115, I’ll be good, especially since anything below that is officially underweight. I’m an XS/0 in tops, and a size 5 in jeans, and I’m trying to make it back down to size 3, where I was a few years ago.

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Casee Marie August 13, 2010 at 9:41 pm

This is such a wonderful post. I follow ModlyChic and I've seen others do Friend Friday questionnaires, but I've never done it myself. I'm inspired by these particular questions, though. I feel like the fashion world has a very inflexible view on body type and weight. Some girls are big-boned or curvy or just carry more weight and it can be hard to find a place in fashion's rather strict world. But I think the important thing is about being happy and feeling confident in your own skin. (:


Melanie Alexandra August 14, 2010 at 12:05 am

You should consider taking part! It offers some great topics to reflect on!

I agree with you completely! It's unfortunate that a certain group of people would be excluded. That's just as bad as gay rights being exclusive to only a few states in the US. Everyone deserves the right to love who they are, and shouldn't have to feel pressure from any industry's standards of perfect.


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