American Qi

by Melanie on August 19, 2014

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Since graduating, something I’ve had a lot more time to think about is the relationship between pursuing art, but also pursuing style. I mean, I’m obviously someone who considers the relationship between the two on a daily basis and probably more than most, but since entering the real world I’ve just been feeling kind of lost in those regards.

My friend Danica put me on to her sister, Ariel’s, up-and-coming creative/material hybrid, American Qi. Really, I don’t think I could’ve assembled a better union of the two. It explores the push and pull of art as fashion and fashion as art in a simple and understated, but totally effective way. The designs are so good, from the choice of typography down to the simple textures. I think her best description of the collection is, “The products attempt to harness the uninhibited energy of contemporary art via the image and redistribute it to the public via fashion.”

The brand’s vision is also inclusive of gorgeous imagery and awesome sounds, and really, I think the appreciation for it all increases drastically when you watch their awesome video.

AQ Promo from Ariel Mitchell on Vimeo.

American Qi currently has a Kickstarter fundraiser to get the brand started but its in its final days! Please donate quickly to help bring this vision to life. If the fundraiser doesn’t meet its goal, it doesn’t get funded!

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South Beach Days

by Melanie on August 5, 2014

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Radical-Darling-Melanie-Patterson-American-Apparel-Cotton-Spandex-Jersey-Sleeveless-Crop-Top-Leopard-Print-Vintage-Levis-Cut-off-Shorts-American-Apparel-Lattice-Jelly-Flats-Red-Mandalynn-Charlotte-Bikini-Top-ASOS-Hipster-Bottom-2Radical-Darling-Melanie-Patterson-American-Apparel-Cotton-Spandex-Jersey-Sleeveless-Crop-Top-Leopard-Print-Vintage-Levis-Cut-off-Shorts-American-Apparel-Lattice-Jelly-Flats-Red-Mandalynn-Charlotte-Bikini-Top-ASOS-Hipster-Bottom-3Radical-Darling-Melanie-Patterson-American-Apparel-Cotton-Spandex-Jersey-Sleeveless-Crop-Top-Leopard-Print-Vintage-Levis-Cut-off-Shorts-American-Apparel-Lattice-Jelly-Flats-Red-Mandalynn-Charlotte-Bikini-Top-ASOS-Hipster-Bottom-4+ American Apparel Leopard Print Cotton Spandex Sleeveless Crop Top + Vintage Levi’s Cut-Off Shorts (similar) + American Apparel Lattice Jelly Flats in Red + Mandalynn Charlotte Top + ASOS Hipster Bottom +

It’s a strange torture to go to the beach on an incredibly hot day without plans to go in the water. I was bikini-clad and cut-off ready, but if you haven’t heard, Florida’s warm waters are plagued by a flesh-eating bacteria. Real cool. Regardless, it was a great day to catch up with one of my best friends, pouring bottles of water on ourselves to keep cool while drinking my favorite cider ever (cost me an arm and a leg but worth reliving memories of drinking it when I lived in London).

Between Swim Week and my job and other blogging events, I am proud to say I can get to Miami Beach without GPS. I guess growing up is inevitable.

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#MBFWSwim Day 5 Outfit

by Melanie on August 1, 2014

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Radical-Darling-Melanie-Patterson-UNIF-Love-No-One-Jersey-Jeffrey-Campbell-Tardy-Boots-American-Apparel-Leopard-Printed-Cap-Topshop-Ring-Primark-Hoop-Earrings-2Radical-Darling-Melanie-Patterson-UNIF-Love-No-One-Jersey-Jeffrey-Campbell-Tardy-Boots-American-Apparel-Leopard-Printed-Cap-Topshop-Ring-Primark-Hoop-Earrings-3+ UNIF Love No One Jersey + Jeffrey Campbell Tardy Boots + American Apparel Leopard Printed Cap + Topshop & Primark Jewelry +

Ahhh! Probably my favorite Swim Week Outfit. I bought this jersey ages ago with plans to wear it for a Valentines post but it was far too cold and blog posts were on a minimal. I always knew I wanted to wear it with this hat, but the braids were due to a hair-straightening backfire due to humidity. Loved the result.

I think I wore this in subconscious prep for the badass-edry that was the Minimale Animale show. Photos of it coming soon, I promise. It was so, so good. I saw great swimwear that I want, and also the coolest leather jacket. So, so good.