Ivy League

December 2, 2015

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+ Forever 21 Boxy Grid Print Top + Forever 21 Grid Print Shorts +

Nothing like a good co-ord set. Here’s another post from Providence, back when I was working at Calico. My favorite selling point for the corrodes we carried was that it’s essentially 3 outfits in one! I love this shirt on its own….I’ve always had a thing for boxy fits. I actually gained some weight between buying these and wearing these so the shorts didn’t fit exactly how I liked. That’s why I have them up for sale here! Love them but they can have a better home. Maybe one day I’ll find the grid set of my dreams!


Linger on Me

November 30, 2015

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+ Nasty Gal Collection Try to Defy Leather Bustier + Zara Skirt + Nasty Gal Prestige Leather Pump + Forever 21 Necklace +

There are some pieces in my closet that I absolutely love but don’t wear so much. Most of those get sold but some of them sit there waiting for the perfect piece to go with it. I bought this leather bustier from Nasty Gal right before I graduated college and wore it a couple times, but it didn’t go with anything as well as it did with this skirt. I even had it for a while, wearing this skirt during my stint in corporate America, and didn’t even think of this combination. It always feels good to make discoveries in what you already own. Definitely still down to breath more life into these pieces though! We’ll see what happens with them next :)

Photos taken by Brittanny Taylor.



For Love & Lemons Orchid Crop Top + For Love & Lemons Orhic Bondage Bralette + Vintage Liz Claiborne Jeans + Aldo Ocaria Pumps +

This was my last (and favorite!) look that was featured in The Lady Project‘s Woman of Style feature. I got so busy in RI that I let so much of my clothes sit around and not get shot for the blog, but I was so excited to realize that I still had this top/bralette combo still waiting when Olivia approached me for the feature. FL&L always has the coolest pieces, and all I find myself interested in buying these days. Definitely on the lookout for new brands, just because so many good ones have popped up lately!

Photography by Brittanny Taylor.


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