Wow, I got really busy this weekend.

August 9, 2010

I was supposed to make a total of 3 posts on Friday, and I only got to 1. It’s now Monday, and I’m just now getting to them.

On Friday, I was able to order the boots that I wanted from Forever 21. I also ordered a leather jacket that I’m completely in love with.

Also, I received my pretty bra in the mail! It fits pretty nicely, and I’m excited to wear it underneath some things to give it a little edge.

From Forever 21.

Today, my mom took me into TJ Maxx to show me a coat that she thought that I would like (and I didn’t). I headed over to the juniors section and was very dissatisfied with the clothes. I can usually find a ton of Free People clothing wedged into the racks, but only found repeats of ugly t-shirts. BUT! As I was rummaging, I found a really nice dress! The back is beautiful :)

I don’t even know what brand it is. But yeah, I just have to alter the really lose strap so that it doesn’t look so frumpy. I’m not going to get much wear out of it since I’m going to school up north and all, but whatever. I’ll wear it while I can!

The next item that I’m eying are these cute black oxfords. They’re Dolce Vita for Target, and I love them so much. Only $30! I’m trying to invest in tons of leather shoes for school since the weather up there gets pretty wet and I have purely suede boots that I don’t want to ruin. Anyway, here they are:

Dolce Vita for Target.

I’ve got some photo jobs lined up (3, I think!), so I’ll be making a good lump of cash in the coming weeks. My sister is also paying me to dog sit her devil of a puppy named Charlie pretty soon. I’m going to order these as soon as possible!

I think I’ll make my second post tomorrow! I’ve finally got some sketches to share with you!

Also, check your emails on Wednesday. I’ll be selecting the new blog of the week! :)

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Wrecked Stellar August 9, 2010 at 2:29 pm

Hi Melanie! Fabulous buys! I wanted to reply to your mixed metals question and replied on my blog but wanted to make sure you got this- here are my thoughts:

Great question! First, I know you can't really tell because of the lighting but the rectangle and tear drop beads, along with the zipper are faded gold/bronze. That made it much easier for me to wear these gold buckle wedges. Since the vest had a mix of silver/gold/bronze already, I grabbed these without hesitation. But in the past, I have been super picky about mixing metals. I never liked doing it. Now if I ever wanted to mix metals- like wearing gold earrings with a platinum or silver bracelet, I make sure that my rings are already mixed- wearing a gold ring with a platinum/platinum-plated ring. The rings act as my base and green light for mixing medals elsewhere.

As for bags, I have definitely contemplated that myself, but I have let that go- probably because I mix more so it never comes to the surface of my mind. I think though that if you are wearing silver jewelry and you want to wear a bag with gold hardware, then you should do what I suggested above and throw a gold ring in there to mix with the silver. Maybe it's a simple gold band or a family heirloom that surpasses the mixed metal rule because of it's sentiments- whatever small piece of gold you choose to wear should solve this. A ring isn't as big a commitment and it's easier to mix metals on your fingers than anywhere else. Plus, a hand mixed with different metals is a lot more interesting to look at than one only filled with gold or one only filled with silver.

Hope that helps! And yeahhh for Melanie's! :)


Under the Fluorescents August 9, 2010 at 4:14 pm

that's a sick back of the dress! and that leather jacket was such a great find. lucky you!


Jen August 9, 2010 at 4:35 pm

The boots and jacket will go so well together!

I love the back of the dress, it's darling!


Melanie Alexandra August 10, 2010 at 11:18 pm

@Wrecked Stellar: Thank you for your feedback! That's definitely a great tip. I never thought about that. I'll keep it in mind from now on, for sure! :) I have rings in all shades from platinum to rose gold, so I can even go as far as mixing more than two colors. Thanks again! <3

@Under The Fluorescents: Ah, yes! I'm in love with the back of the dress. & yeah, I'm really pleased to have found a jacket in the style leftover from last F/W.

@Jen: Thanks! & yeah, I didn't even notice until I put them next to each other on here. & yes, the back is perfect <3


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