September 19, 2013

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Radical-Darling-American-Apparel-Watermelon-Printed-Chiffon-Camisole-American-Apparel-Nylon-Tricot-High-Waist-Swim-Brief-American-Apparel-Nylon-Tricot-Halter-Bikini-Top-ASOS-Body-Chain-2+ American Apparel Watermelon Printed Chiffon Camisole (c/o) + American Apparel Nylon Tricot Halter Bikini Top + American Apparel Nylon Tricot High-Waist Swim Brief + ASOS Gunmetal Tone Chain Harness +

Ah! I promise I haven’t abandoned you all yet. I’ve been taking outfit photos, but it’s a big commitment to edit and put them up and with me being back in school and all, so blogging has to be on the back burner at times.

My best friend Winnie took these photos of me last Saturday at the RISD Farm (The RISD Beach is ironically a patch of grass and the Farm is really a beach…) during a school function. I wanted a chance to wear my cute little watermelon top and it got some complements! I love this thing so much. It’s now my 3rd chiffon camisole, hehe. (I told you…everything in threes!)

I also wanted to throw on this ASOS body chain I got a few of years back. I got so tired of this thing that I left it in storage in RI for 9 months. I thought I’d pull it out to wear with my swimsuit.

I had every intention of going in the water this day, I promise…but this was as far as I went in. New England beaches have nothing on South Florida’s warm waters!

Thought I’d post a couple photos up really quickly since I just finished my homework early for once. Only two, cause you don’t need to see a billion photos of me doing the same awkward poses in a swimsuit.

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