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October 21, 2011

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I totally forgot that I had this post waiting for you all since early September. I purchased some makeup from Urban Decay’s online sale since the prices were crazy good. I got all of this for around $30 with shipping…not bad, right? I wanted some bright colors in my collection and this was the perfect opportunity!

The cream eyeshadows are super vivid and very permanent. They are almost waterproof! The colors I purchased are “Delinquent,” “Rehab,” and “Radium.” at $3 a pop, a whole entourage of these would fit very well into anyone’s makeup box spectrum. They work well as a base for other colors. I throw on “Rehab” when I’m on the go :)

While I have yet to wear the eyeshadows in the pots (I’ve sworn my soul to the Naked palette), I was amazed at how rich the color was in just one sheer coat. The color would definitely intensify with more layers. Personally, I feel a primer would be a must for these babies. I got these in “Chronic” and “Electric,” also for $3 each.

The next thing on the list is the Pocket Rocket lip gloss in “Jesse.” I actually tried this on in a red color (possibly “Eric?”) at Sephora, and I was surprised that I liked the look of lip gloss on me. When I saw it for $5 instead of it’s usual price of $19, I had to get it. It’s a little tinted and I wear it when I’m doing something a little more intense with my eye makeup since it’s pretty simple.

They also sent a sample of “Sin” highlighter, which I have yet to use. The color is in the Naked palette and I already know I love it :)

The sale is actually still on here and you can still get some pretty wacky colors at great, low prices :)

One more thing– the Pocket Rocket lip gloss comes with this cute graphic! Haha.

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