This WOULD happen to ME

June 17, 2010

The day after I restart my blog, my camera pretty much dies. Ahhhhh, not quite sure what to do right now. It still takes photos, but they’re coming out extremely dark. I can’t even salvage them because they have SO much noise :(

Anywaaaaay. Next point!:

I really love shoes. I love edgy silhouettes as well as casual, every day shoes. The thing is: I splurge on clothing before I even let myself get shoes :( Don’t get me wrong. I own over 30 pairs. Nine of those, however, are Chuck Taylors that I bought over 6 years ago (& they still fit me! haha) I pretty much have about 5 pairs in rotation.

So lets say I somehow acquired a large sum of cash. These are the 10 pairs of shoes that I would purchase:

1. ‘Pela’ by Dolce Vita– I absolutely love the boldness of these shoes. The covered wedge is also a plus. Something about these look so clean and neat.
2. ‘Toffee’ by Oh Deer!– I love the print on these pumps! 70’s inspired with neutral color. I see myself combinig this with some other print just because.
3. ‘Class’ by Jeffrey Campbell– I want these SO badly. I wish I bought them back when UO put them on sale. I really love the shape of these booties. They’d be the perfect contrasting element to something girly and sheer.
4. ‘Gypsy’ by Seychelles– I hate wearing jeans, but I’d love to just so I can wear these. They’re the perfect jeans heels! I can also see myself wearing them with some of my LBDs.
5. ‘Zoe’ by Sam Edelman– Okay. So I know these boots are old news. But I’ve loved them for about a year now and would buy them if I had the budget. But, well, I don’t. & I’m pretty sure I prefer them without the strap :) It’s a very timeless, classy silhouette.
6. ‘Trinitie’ by Steve Madden– A classic pump silhouette in a refreshing nude color. Enough said.
7. ‘Raleigh’ by Dolce Vita– THESE are the epitome of edgy, especially in this cool, medium gray. The buckles and length of the boot shaft are brilliant. I’ve seen variations of this style, but this is definitely my favorite.
8. ‘Kate’ by Ash– I love the smooth look of regular leather, especially in these horizontal bands. I also love the little peeps in the side, and the studding is cute, too.
9. ‘Crimson’ & Clover by Joie– The simplicity of these make me so happy! The lines are so clean and perfect and I think I’d actually like these with jeans, too.
10. ‘Voom’ by Jeffrey Campbell– Okay. So I know I can get rain boots for $20 at Target, but these are so simple and nice, and the length is so perfect. I particularly like that the sole isn’t all jagged (I guess what would be for grip) as in usual rain boots. I’m sure you’re wondering why rain boots? They probably seem impractical. BUT, I’ll need them in RI for sure.

So, the next step to be anywhere NEAR being able to get these is to get a job. I have an interview with Urban Outfitters next week. I don’t mean to be over-confident, but I am so friendly, and my references are from awesome opportunities that I had that were practically purely for volunteer. Wish me luck guys!

(Except, now, I’m pretty sure I’ll be saving up for a Canon 7D. Bye my first $2000~)

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