Thanksgiving Break

November 26, 2010

Hi everyone! It’s been a bit longer than I was hoping it would be– AGAIN. I’m on my break and I’m still finding that I have a lot of homework to do. I wasn’t planning on doing any outfit posts since I was home and wouldn’t have my tripod, so I don’t have my tripod, though I totally realized that I could’ve fit it into my luggage. I’m a bit upset at myself about it, but Winter Break is fast approaching and I’ll make up for it then :)

I don’t have anything to really show you, but I’ve been finalizing my Christmas wishlist since Black Friday is in 2 days! My sisters bought my American Apparel Groupons, so I have $100 to spend there as a sort of Thanksgiving gift. I think I’ll just show you my wishlist, and I hope you’ll enjoy!

So, I’ll be buying the first three things myself, and my sister is getting the floral jumper for me for Christmas. I actually already own the cape in black, but they finally came out with green SO, I’ll be getting that really soon :)

Otherwise, I’m on the hunt for a polka dot skirt. I want one really badly! I’m trying to channel the whole leopard print & polka dots look of Dolce & Gabbana. I came home and my mom surprised me with a polka dot sweater that I liked at Target, haha. It was cute. I’ll definitely be sporting that in Rhode Island.

I’m also dying for a couple pairs of shoes.

Jessica Simpson “Dany”

I’ve been in love with these for so long. They’re at Macy*s, I think I might actually nab them if my coupons work ;)

“Workman Lace-Up Booties” from Forever 21.

I’m in love with this style and pretty much just wide heels in general.

Anyway, about that photo that I mentioned that I would have for you a while back…I totally tried but failed. My new camera is not compatible with my older version of photoshop, so after I long struggle, I gave up. When I get back to school, I’m going to try to see if the computer lab has my software. Something tells me it’ll work :)

I’m out for now! I’m hoping to get one more post in by the time I head back to Providence. Thanks for reading, and I’ll get to comments within the next couple of days! <3 Have a great Thanksgiving!

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Casee Marie November 28, 2010 at 9:21 pm

Hey, lady! I've missed you. I hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving. (: These pieces are amazing – I totally want that bow and I'd be dying for the JS heels if I thought I could actually walk in them!

Hope everything's going well for you, lovely. xo


Jen November 29, 2010 at 11:54 pm

Aww, I'm so glad you posted! It's been so long!

I love all the items on your wish list. You should definitely do some outfits posts with your new pieces once you're able to :)


Melanie Alexandra December 9, 2010 at 10:27 am

Casee, Jen! Thanks for being such great readers and keeping up with me! I wish I could return the favor but I'm so swamped at the moment. I'll get to you guys this Winterbreak, and then during my 2nd Trimester for sure– I chose a class that gives no homework, lol.

@Casee: The bow is gorgeous and really well-crafted. It costs a whopping $10, but sometimes a little splurge is nice, right? Lol. And the shoes! I know the heel is insane, but the platform makes life so easy. Trust me, shoes that high aren't SO bad :)

@Jen: I'll do some more outfit posts as soon as possible. It's definitely weird living in a different climate though…the cold is a little hard to take, lol. I think my wardrobe might get a little bit lazy reallll soon.


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