Summer Treats

June 17, 2011

My favorite part of Summer would have to be the fruits! As a Floridian, I’m blessed with all sorts of tropical fruit, such as lychees and starfruit. I also love being able to cool down with some icy desserts. This week’s Friend Friday is on our favorite Summer recipes. Here are some of my favorite things!

Sliced Grapefruit

This isn’t a recipe per se, but this is one of my favorite things about this time of year. I loveloveLOVE grapefruits, and during the summer, I have time to treat myself to one or two for breakfast. When these are in my house, they go fast. Depending on the grapefruit, they vary in tartness, which people don’t always like. Here is how I typically consume mine:

1. Half the grapefruit parallel to the stem so you get that pretty sunburst.
2. Take a knife (steak knives make it super easy!) and cut around each individual triangular piece. This makes it easier to consume with your spoon and maximizes the amount of fruit you actually get, opposed to just the juice.
3. Sprinkle with sugar to your liking! I usually opt for a teaspoon on each half, which counters the tartness very well.
5. Enjoy your Summer goodie!

Snow Cones

My sister and I have this obsession of consuming ice in various forms, such as frozen soda or, well, straight up ice. This Summer, we have taken up the art of snow cone making, which are perfect after a trip to the dog park with our Monty.

1. Take about 3 mugs full of ice, and put it into your blender.
2. Set the blender to pulse, and hold it as long as the ice is getting blended. If the ice stops moving, wait until the blender is stopped to stick a spoon and move the bigger chunks into the bottom.
3. Repeat this until all your ice is grated.
4. Pour flavored syrup into your ice. You can use the syrups that flavor alcoholic beverages–there are many varieties. What I like to use is Grace Strawberry syrup. As a Jamaican brand, it uses cane sugar rather than high fructose corn syrup. (Commercials say there are no differences, but I think otherwise.)
5. Cool down in the Summer heat with your tasty snow cone!

Grace Strawberry Syrup

I hope you are inclined to try my interpretations of Summer recipes! These are both great ways to treat yourself with every once in a while :)

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