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January 6, 2015

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Radical DarlingRadical DarlingRadical DarlingRadical DarlingRadical Darling+ Two Songs $elfmade Tee + American Apparel Lulu Skirt in Pinstripe (c/o)+ Dolce Vita Daytona Boots +

Photography by Brittanny Taylor.

Something I have the tendency to forget is that I’ve kind of done a lot for a 22-year-old. Numerically, 18-year-old me doesn’t feel that far behind. But I am such a different person and honestly, it was through this blog. What I wanted things to be became actuality in every sense. The sponsorships are a blessing, the events are so much fun, the people are inspiring, the outlet feels amazing. From time to time, explaining my blog still makes me feel like a weirdo. Other times it feels a little bit petty. At the end of the day, this is my baby. I have put countless hours into this unlike anything else ever in my life. I could call the opportunities great luck, but the reality is that I have built this castle of mine from the ground up.

I am successful because of me, and to think anything else is a mistake. And that’s why this shirt really resonates with me. I’m also such a sucker for entrepreneurship so when Aimee and Dani Song started their t-shirt line, Two Songs, I had to pick up a piece. This shirt was such a standout and also just a perfect reminder.

Still though, I can call myself $elfmade or whatever but the most important thing to me in all this is the fact that I have support from so many people. Friends, family, and strangers, alike. I have parents that have given me all that I’ve needed to live a prosperous life with essentially zero struggle, friends that tell their friends about what I do, so many people willing to deal with: “That’s a great wall! Can you take pictures of me?” So $elfmade, but with very significant love from the people around me.

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Jenmarie January 7, 2015 at 1:21 am

I love whenever I get the chance to talk about my blog, so I totally know what you mean. I feel that bloggers everywhere should be proud to say they do what they do. Plus, more people will be aware of what blogging actually is. :P

P.S. You’re awesome!


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