MBFW Swim Day 3: Minimale Animale

July 30, 2013

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Radical-Darling-Mercedes-Benz-Fashion-Week-Swim-MBFWSwim-2014-Minimale-Animale-2Radical-Darling-Mercedes-Benz-Fashion-Week-Swim-MBFWSwim-2014-Minimale-Animale-3Radical-Darling-Mercedes-Benz-Fashion-Week-Swim-MBFWSwim-2014-Minimale-Animale-4Radical-Darling-Mercedes-Benz-Fashion-Week-Swim-MBFWSwim-2014-Minimale-Animale-5Radical-Darling-Mercedes-Benz-Fashion-Week-Swim-MBFWSwim-2014-Minimale-Animale-6Radical-Darling-Mercedes-Benz-Fashion-Week-Swim-MBFWSwim-2014-Minimale-Animale-7Minimale Animale @ MBFW Swim 2014

Here’s my final MBFW Swim post! This was the show I anticipated the most and it was a great way to finish off my Swim Week activities. The pieces were true to Minimale Animale‘s signature cutouts and mesh without being redundant. Their basic String Kini revamped with a floral print, covered with mesh, and finished with a white trim was probably one of my favorites from the collection. The casual, just-out-the-water look was probably my favorite styling out of all the shows just because I could most identify with that low maintenance aspect. The lack of accessories, while seemingly boring, is my ideal look and it completely remains faithful to the brand’s name.

This was definitely a knock-out show and I see lots of good things coming for Minimale Animale in the future! Hopefully I can choose a favorite and get my hands on one when the collections drops for the 2014 season.

Anyway, like I said, this was my last MBFW Swim post. Be on the look out for my post on Thursday! Can’t wait to share it with you all!

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