MBFW Swim Day 2: The Shows

July 25, 2013

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Radical-Darling-Fashion-Blog-MBFWSwim-2014-Nanette-Lapore-2Radical-Darling-Fashion-Blog-MBFWSwim-2014-Nanette-Lapore-3Radical-Darling-Fashion-Blog-MBFWSwim-2014-BCBGeneration-2Radical-Darling-Fashion-Blog-MBFWSwim-2014-BCBGeneration-1Radical-Darling-Fashion-Blog-MBFWSwim-2014-GOTTEX-3Radical-Darling-Fashion-Blog-MBFWSwim-2014-GOTTEX-2Radical-Darling-Fashion-Blog-MBFWSwim-2014-GOTTEX-3Radical-Darling-Fashion-Blog-MBFWSwim-2014-L-SPACE-4Radical-Darling-Fashion-Blog-MBFWSwim-2014-L-SPACE-3Radical-Darling-Fashion-Blog-MBFWSwim-2014-L-SPACE-2Radical-Darling-Fashion-Blog-MBFWSwim-2014-L-SPACE-1Photos 1-3: Nanette Lapore | Photos 4-5: BCBGeneration | Photos 6-9: GOTTEX
| Photos 10-13: L*Space

First of all, apologies for the huge photo dump! I usually hate posting this many photos but this is for an absolute purpose so please bear with me :)

This was my day 2 of MBFWSwim, which was really like Day 3 of all the official events, but my first day of actual shows. I saw a bunch of really great designers putting out quality pieces (and some not so much) so here were some of my favorite looks of what I was able to catch.

Nanette Lapore: I arrived just after Nanette Lapore started and the pieces were very well tailored and the models were my favorite (take a look at the first one…she’s perfect!) While the actual collection is not my style, I’m extremely into the quality of the cuts and prints and overall uniformity.

BCBGeneration: Let’s just say that while these weren’t my favorite, I was totally into the ‘Rad’ one piece (helloooo, totally relevant! Need it in my life.) and the cuts of a couple of the pieces caught my eye.

GOTTEX: I was blown away by GOTTEX’s vintage cuts, white and black palette, the mix of airy chiffon and fitted ribbed material, and the metal accents. Too perfect. (Don’t forget to check out the video!)

L*Space: Cue L*Space’s classic exotic beachy vibe and their signature prints and fringe. A gorgeous collection with such a wide scope of cuts. Awesome styling, makeup, and hair details from the mosaic boat captain’s hats to the glittery fishtails.

I’m a Swim Week newcomer, but I was definitely amazed by the atmosphere of the event. Despite some “dance competition” vibes (a.k.a. the unsurprising and unnecessary amount of snobbiness) it was wonderful to escape my suburban confines and indulge in the glamorous life that my hometown is known for!

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Kelly July 26, 2013 at 8:52 am

Obsessed with Gottex! Esp the high waisted black & white and that belt!! Love Love!


Melanie August 2, 2013 at 4:07 am

Isn’t the hardware fantastic? I’m so in love with their pieces. Actually, now you mention it, I can totally see parallels with their pieces and yours! I totally understand why you like them, haha.


Niani Tolbert July 27, 2013 at 4:29 pm

Woah girl, you have some great photos from SLS! No one would expect for there to be a man in his swimming trunks all up in the pool area (hot mess) lol .

Stay Fierce,
Xox Niani


Melanie August 1, 2013 at 11:05 pm

Thank you! I love my photos from there :) And hahaha, oh my gosh. Still hate him. He ruined everything. Imagine how many photos from the other side of the pool have him in it. Lol.


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