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March 27, 2012

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I’m sure you have had moments where you’re casually shopping and you find the perfect dress when you weren’t even necessarily looking for one. Instantly, you know exactly where you’d wear it to. It reminds you of something on the runway, red carpet, or it’s just perfectly on trend. It may be similar to an old favorite, or even exactly like something you pictured in your head to be just right. Clothing, shoes, and accessories don’t have to be and aren’t always things you just wear. They each have their own story. And now, there’s a new website available to you to share your stories called VogueWriter.

VogueWriter is a community that revolves around presenting your perspective of an article of clothing or a pair of shoes to others. Something that could be described as, “going out,” “sexy,” and, “perfect with an LBD” could be “casual,” “a little edgy,” and “great with jeans” for someone else! It’s a budding community that is aimed at providing inspiration to other users as well as getting thoughts back from them, as well.

The community also has some additional perks: When you share your opinion you can unlock private sales from up and coming designers and brands! The sales will become available at the beginning of April.

To maintain a high quality fashion experience and keeps the private sales from ending too quickly VogueWriter is currently in closed alpha. However, I have been allowed to give 25 readers instant access! Visit and type in the code “voguewriter.galibardy.42”.

If you’d like to learn more about VogueWriter or career opportunities, feel free to email He’d love to hear your thoughts and questions :)

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