I’ll have a new outfit post tomorrow!

July 26, 2010

Or later today, depending what time zone you’re in– like mine.

I visited The Fashion Spot today, and came across some trends that I didn’t list in my previous post.

Lace, animal print, (both predictably) and halters are suppose to be on the rise.

All styles from American Apparel.

You can read the article from tFS here.

I’ve actually been on the hunt to find a pair of leopard leggings, and I can’t quite find what I’m looking for. This pair from Forever 21 are ALMOST there, but apparently they’re metallic.

How do you guys feel about these trends? I don’t know. While I would LOVE to wear lace and halters, I don’t even know how far into the winter I could wear them.

Tomorrow, I’m doing my first REAL photoshoot (opposed to the spur of the moment one I had at the beach last week) in months. I’ll be shooting my friend Sean’s band, Dark Around the Edges, which my boyfriend is also the drummer for. Although they only have PART of ONE song up, you should definitely take a listen! I’ll also be designing their myspace soon, which is why I’m linking you to their Purevolume rather than there for now.

Also, thanks for all your submissions for my blog spotlight! I’ll be emailing everyone who has entered who I haven’t already emailed after I finish up this post. I’m really excited about this! As time progresses, I may increase it to multiple spotlights. For now, I think I’m going to interview the blogger and also give he or she a little site award, except a little more cooler sounding. I’ll figure it out.

Anyway! The selected blog will be posted this Friday, July 30th! I will be in contact with the blogger by this Wednesday or Thursday.

I’m out. I have to prepare for the shoot tomorrow. Thanks for reading!

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