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June 21, 2010

I hope everyone spent plenty of time with their dads this father’s day! My sisters, mom, and I got my dad this car maintenance kit with a jack, jack stands, and a creeper (which I thought was hilarious…creeper? Haha).

I went to church this morning, and my old youth pastor stopped by at the “request of another church member.” Turns out, she’s engaged, and I’m so happy for her. I freaked out, because it’s to one of my friends’ brothers and I had no idea they were even dating.

So, I have no outfits for you today, but I decided to share 10 pairs of leggings that I’ve been eying for a little while.

1. AA Tie Dye Leggings- I’d love to wear these with one of my big Ts. The print is great to contrast with a solid-colored shirt.
2. Forever 21 Skirted Leggings- I think these are really interesting. Something I’d probably wear with a graphic t-shirt.
3. Asos Leopard Print Leggings- I’ve wanted a pair of these for so long! They’d look perfect with black heels.
4. AA Two-Sided Leggings- The best thing about these are that they can be reversed, so I can get two different looks. The mesh texture would go great with a busy print.
5. Topshop Bow Seam Tights- I love these just because they’re cute. I have a few skirts I’d wear these with.
6. Topshop Striped Tights- These are LBD-worthy! I love the vertical stripes so much. I love making my legs look long, so these would certainly give that effect.
7. AA Floral Leggings- Just some every day sorta leggings. I love the yellow so much.
8. UO Heart Tights- Again, a pair of tights to wear with a skirt! :)
9. AA Mineral Wash Leggings- And, another pair of everyday leggings. I’d wear them with a white T-shirt and black heels.
10. Asos Heart Suspender Tights- THESE are adorable. I’d wear them with some denim cut-off shorts.

During the week, expect to see some designer styles that are currently inspiring me! I might be posting art tomorrow! Stay tuned!

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