Glamour Live Providence Event

September 4, 2013

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Radical-Darling-For-Love-and-Lemons-Viva-Maria-Dress-ASOS-Hat-Miista-May-Boots-Theorem-Hex-Bib-Necklace-Glamour-Live-Providence-Fuze-Beverage-11Radical-Darling-For-Love-and-Lemons-Viva-Maria-Dress-ASOS-Hat-Miista-May-Boots-Theorem-Hex-Bib-Necklace-Glamour-Live-Providence-Fuze-Beverage-10aRadical-Darling-For-Love-and-Lemons-Viva-Maria-Dress-ASOS-Hat-Miista-May-Boots-Theorem-Hex-Bib-Necklace-Glamour-Live-Providence-Fuze-Beverage-13Radical-Darling-For-Love-and-Lemons-Viva-Maria-Dress-ASOS-Hat-Miista-May-Boots-Theorem-Hex-Bib-Necklace-Glamour-Live-Providence-Fuze-Beverage-16Radical-Darling-For-Love-and-Lemons-Viva-Maria-Dress-ASOS-Hat-Miista-May-Boots-Theorem-Hex-Bib-Necklace-Glamour-Live-Providence-Fuze-Beverage-14Radical-Darling-For-Love-and-Lemons-Viva-Maria-Dress-ASOS-Hat-Miista-May-Boots-Theorem-Hex-Bib-Necklace-Glamour-Live-Providence-Fuze-Beverage-15Radical-Darling-For-Love-and-Lemons-Viva-Maria-Dress-ASOS-Hat-Miista-May-Boots-Theorem-Hex-Bib-Necklace-Glamour-Live-Providence-Fuze-Beverage-7Radical-Darling-For-Love-and-Lemons-Viva-Maria-Dress-ASOS-Hat-Miista-May-Boots-Theorem-Hex-Bib-Necklace-Glamour-Live-Providence-Fuze-Beverage-8Radical-Darling-For-Love-and-Lemons-Viva-Maria-Dress-ASOS-Hat-Miista-May-Boots-Theorem-Hex-Bib-Necklace-Glamour-Live-Providence-Fuze-Beverage-9 + 1. Chandelle, Sean, and myself! + 2. Mastering my sorority girl pose with my lovely old roommates! + 3. Dylan Sevey and the Gentlemen + 4. Modeling FUZE! + 5. Meaghan Mooney from The Rhode Show came out! 6. Me with Alana Marie + 7. Me and the gang + 8-10. Photo booth fun!

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of hosting an event with Glamour and FUZE for their #FUZENation campaign. It was a great evening with a few of my friends, the talented Dylan Sevey and the Gentlemen, and great sounds provided by DJ Abby Duran. It’s still so unreal–I hosted an event? With Glamour and FUZE? Haha. It was a great opportunity and I can’t wait to have more like it!

So, speaking of FUZE, they’re having a competition to fund your dreams! Three lucky people will win $500! All you have to do is post a photo of your passions on Instagram and tag @GlamourScoop with the hashtag #FUZENation. To see the official rules, head here. The deadline is September 9th!

You can find some more event photos here. You can find photos from the photo booth here. Photos 1, 3, 5, and 7 were provided by Glamour.

Stay tuned for outfit details tomorrow!

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