Friend Friday

August 21, 2010

Friend Friday is a weekly questionnaire on fashion/blogger related topics started by Katy of Modly Chic.

Today’s topic is about Conspicuous Consumption. Fashion blogging, I admit, can be a bit of a, “Look what I have and you don’t” kinda world. The thing is, people are interested and keep coming back! Raders can often discover something new that they would like to try or buy. In my opinion, fashion is a great way to channel creativity, especially for those who aren’t quite skilled with their hands.

Bloomingdales shopping bags

1. Do you think fashion blogs are often just conspicuous consumption? Are some?
Not often, but occasionally. It has become standard for one to show their new purchases. Sometimes, it’s just as exciting for the blogger as it is for the blog readers.
2. As bloggers do we have the obligation to explain our personal financial status, how we pay for the things we showcase, if we have debt, etc…
No, we absolutely do not. While I am sometimes curious about others financial situations, it’s not something I care enough to ask about. That’s rude, anyway. If the blogger is okay with sharing, then by all means they can. But sometimes, it may even be rude to share.
3. Critics often say that fashion bloggers should use their money to support more worthwhile causes than clothing themselves in a different outfit daily. What’s your reaction to this? (here you can reveal charities if you’d like.)
Everyone has a passion. Why can’t people interested in fashion pursue an interest in fashion? Personally, I am Christian and according to the bible, 10% of my earnings “belongs to God”. I, myself, don’t have any earnings, but my family gives offering to church weekly. Since I am interested in being a fashion illustrator, I plan on putting my earnings towards opening a dog rescue. I feel like that’s my definite long-term goal.
4. Since you started blogging, do you spend more money on fashion and beauty products?
I can’t quite tell you, as in “I don’t know.” I’ve always been a bit of a spender since I’m the “baby” of my family.
5. Life is about more than what money can buy. What are the things that top your list of what life is all about?
Life is so many good things, and so many bad at the same time. I think life gives unfortunate circumstances so that we can cherish the positive ones so much more. I’m very much about making others happy, being respectful, and loving everything that life has to offer. God made an amazing world, and I want to do my best to keep it amazing.

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Jen August 21, 2010 at 4:25 pm

#3 is awesome! I was just reading about tithing in the Bible. Great post, dear :)


Melanie Alexandra August 23, 2010 at 6:13 am

Thank you <3


Casee Marie August 24, 2010 at 2:07 am

Aw, I love your answers. And it's so great that you want to open a dog rescue! I've always wished I could do something for that cause, but I never knew where to start. Good for you :)


Melanie Alexandra August 28, 2010 at 4:59 am

Thank you <3 I have no idea where to start either, but it's a long-term goal, so I'll figure it out eventually.


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