Friend Friday

August 6, 2010

Hey guys! After seeing Vahni’s post on her blog Grit & Glamour regarding blogger jealousy, I decided to check out Friend Friday, where the jealousy questions originated from. Friend Friday is a weekly questionnaire on fashion/blogger related topics started by Katy of Modly Chic.

Here are this week’s questions:

1. Do you think privacy is something we should worry about as bloggers?
Certainly! Unfortunately, people can get really creepy when it comes to the internet and it’s best to only reveal details about yourself that you wouldn’t mind a stranger knowing.
2. Do you use your real name or a pen name? What was behind that decision?
I use my real name just because I’ve been around different communities on the internet for years. I go by my first and middle name, but it’s not hard to find my last name if you cared to know.
3. How much personal information do you reveal about your life beyond the blog?
Not much. I give people the city I live in, my age, and that’s about it. Email accounts and other networking information are also okay to give, in my book.
4. What will you never reveal?
Unless it is someone who I have gained a really close connection to, I won’t ever give out my address. Also, usuals that you shouldn’t ever give anyone: SSN, credit card numbers, etc.
5. As bloggers, we have to an extent made ourselves ‘public’ figures. But still there are things that are intimate to each of us that does not need to be known by anyone that stumbles across our blog. How do you determine what is appropriate for public consumption and what is private to you?
I think that almost anything can be shared. If it’s a recent purchase, or a recent trip to the museum, it’s quite okay to put out there. If the information is something where your personal safety and comfort can be compromised, however, that information is best kept to yourself.

You can join up with Friday Friday, too! Just shoot Katy and email at the link above!

I will make another post or two later on today :)

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Wrecked Stellar August 8, 2010 at 10:16 pm

Interesting questions. It's definitely important to remember that whatever you put out there, is out there for anyone to see. So if you're not wanting that, don't post something that's too private for you. Great post :)


Melanie Alexandra August 9, 2010 at 7:54 am

Yeah, it's really important to consider. You never know what type of person is behind a computer looking into your life.

Thank you :)


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