October 28, 2013

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Radical-Darling-Nasty-Gal-Collection-Divert-Leather-Moto-Jacket-American-Apparel-Printed-Cotton-Spandex-Crop-Tank-American-Apparel-Easy-Jean-Jeffrey-Campbell-Tardy-Boots-2Radical-Darling-Nasty-Gal-Collection-Divert-Leather-Moto-Jacket-American-Apparel-Printed-Cotton-Spandex-Crop-Tank-American-Apparel-Easy-Jean-Jeffrey-Campbell-Tardy-Boots-3Radical-Darling-Nasty-Gal-Collection-Divert-Leather-Moto-Jacket-American-Apparel-Printed-Cotton-Spandex-Crop-Tank-American-Apparel-Easy-Jean-Jeffrey-Campbell-Tardy-Boots-4Radical-Darling-Nasty-Gal-Collection-Divert-Leather-Moto-Jacket-American-Apparel-Printed-Cotton-Spandex-Crop-Tank-American-Apparel-Easy-Jean-Jeffrey-Campbell-Tardy-Boots-5Radical-Darling-Nasty-Gal-Collection-Divert-Leather-Moto-Jacket-American-Apparel-Printed-Cotton-Spandex-Crop-Tank-American-Apparel-Easy-Jean-Jeffrey-Campbell-Tardy-Boots-6+ Nasty Gal Collection Divert Leather Moto Jacket + American Apparel Printed Cotton Spandex Crop Tank + American Apparel Easy Jean + Jefrey Campbell Tardy Boot +

In love, in love, in love with this awesome basket-weave textured leather jacket from Nasty Gal. Something I really lack in my wardrobe is good outerwear and I think this jacket has really stepped up my options! I also bought this Zara coat a couple of weeks back and now I think I’m set for the year. I’m no layering junkie but being warm is definitely a necessity for this Miami-native-in-New-England. I try to get away with shorts and dresses until Winter makes my legs numb (I’m not 100% into pants) but I always, always need something to keep me cozy up top.

I thought this jacket’s 80s dolman-sleeved jacket silhouette needed something with a great color so cue this cute li’l crop tank from AA. I want it in every color and print! This one in particular reminds me of cotton candy, hehe.

What are some of your current favorite layers?

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Nailah October 28, 2013 at 12:46 pm

I’m trying to step up my outerwear game too, haha. And I’m terrible because I always wait until the very last minute when I’m sick and realize it’s because i’m still wearing sweaters as an alternative to an actual coat. Great look and your body is amazing!



Melanie November 11, 2013 at 9:07 pm

Haha, I’m the same! I’m still wearing shorts…even today, hehe. I’m not a big layer-er until I catch a cold, lol.


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