I Die: MotelRocks

June 23, 2012

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Motel’s ‘Hillary’ bodysuit in Baroque and White and Black Stripe, the ‘Dawn’ Jumper in Cream, the ‘Erica’ Dress in Triangle, the ‘Zoe’ Dress in Green Squiggle, and the ‘Trinity’ dress in Black and Red.

So as I mentioned in this post, British brand, Motel, is one of my new go-tos. Their unique and eccentric prints come in bold colors and patterns that I always fall in love with. One of my favorite things about them is that a print will often come in another color or two, and in addition, nearly every print is available in basically every style. That way, if you’d really want the Baroque print bodysuit instead as a pair of jeans, it exists. The squiggle print also comes in pink, and the Hillary bodysuit comes in many other patterns.

While you can buy MotelRocks on ASOS, they’re currently having a huge sale on their own site.

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