Cause I’m Drowning For Ya

November 24, 2014

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Radical-Darling-For-Love-and-Lemons-Ethereal-Crop-Top-BDG-Pull-On-Jeans-Nars-Deadly-Catch-2Radical-Darling-For-Love-and-Lemons-Ethereal-Crop-Top-BDG-Pull-On-Jeans-Nars-Deadly-Catch-3Radical-Darling-For-Love-and-Lemons-Ethereal-Crop-Top-BDG-Pull-On-Jeans-Nars-Deadly-Catch-4Radical-Darling-For-Love-and-Lemons-Ethereal-Crop-Top-BDG-Pull-On-Jeans-Nars-Deadly-Catch-5Radical-Darling-For-Love-and-Lemons-Ethereal-Crop-Top-BDG-Pull-On-Jeans-Nars-Deadly-Catch-6+ For Love & Lemons Ethereal Crop Top + BDG Pull-On Jeans + Zara Mules + NARS Hardwired Lipstick in Deadly Catch +

Okay, I’m sure by now you’ve realized my absolute dedication to For Love & Lemons. They’re a label whose lookbooks I look forward to with each season, from the Ready-to-Wear pieces to their SKIVVIES, and now their KNITZ. I just have so much appreciation for quality clothing, innovative design, awesome styling, and the models whose looks bring it all together (I still have an immense girl crush on Sheila Marquez when they first launched SKIVVIES last year).

So the Ethereal crop top and maxi set came out and I sat there for a long time trying to justify buying both pieces. I really couldn’t. Now that I’m in Rhode Island, the need for bomb reserve outfits is low. I’m so happy I bought just the crop top…it’s honestly super versatile on its own. And it’s actually the same embroidered pattern that my graduation dress is in.

I paired the top with these super cool flare jeans by BDG. They have an elastic waistband but I’m very okay with that.

I’ve sadly decided to cut back on my monthly spending by nixing my Spotify and Netflix accounts. It’s been so long since I’ve listed to music with ads that I can’t do it. So now I’m taking advantage of the cool stuff you can find on Soundcloud that Spotify doesn’t ever get. This is my favorite remix for Banks’ “Drowning”. So good.

Photographs taken by my friend, Maria Polky.

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Ria November 27, 2014 at 3:45 pm

Ahhhhh the Lido remix is my absolute favorite Drowning remix. It made me start following him on Soundcloud and he’s got some other great sounds as well. I still have Spotify but it’s definitely something I could probably nix and probably will within the next few months. I actually like Soundcloud way more and found myself using it way more a few months ago. I use my ex’s Netflix lmao so you just have to find a friend that will loan you their login. hahaha.

Love the bell bottoms with this look. For Love & Lemons kills the lookbook game. Always such a source of inspiration and I end up wanting everything.


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