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June 4, 2014

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Radical-Darling-Shakuhachi-Beige-Pink-Brocade-Shorts-American-Apparel-Knit-Bralette-Top-The-Blonde-Salad-x-Steve-Madden-Trome-Heels-Vintage-Levis-Denim-Jacket-Vintage-Belt-2Radical-Darling-Shakuhachi-Beige-Pink-Brocade-Shorts-American-Apparel-Knit-Bralette-Top-The-Blonde-Salad-x-Steve-Madden-Trome-Heels-Vintage-Levis-Denim-Jacket-Vintage-Belt-3Radical-Darling-Shakuhachi-Beige-Pink-Brocade-Shorts-American-Apparel-Knit-Bralette-Top-The-Blonde-Salad-x-Steve-Madden-Trome-Heels-Vintage-Levis-Denim-Jacket-Vintage-Belt-4Radical-Darling-Shakuhachi-Beige-Pink-Brocade-Shorts-American-Apparel-Knit-Bralette-Top-The-Blonde-Salad-x-Steve-Madden-Trome-Heels-Vintage-Levis-Denim-Jacket-Vintage-Belt-5Radical-Darling-Shakuhachi-Beige-Pink-Brocade-Shorts-American-Apparel-Knit-Bralette-Top-The-Blonde-Salad-x-Steve-Madden-Trome-Heels-Vintage-Levis-Denim-Jacket-Vintage-Belt-6+ Shakuhachi Beige and Pink Brocade Shorts + American Apparel Knit Bralette Top + Vintage Levi’s Denim Jacket + Vintage Belt +

I cannot, for the life of me, figure out anything about these Shakuhachi shorts and its killing me. I bought them a few months ago with a name that hardly identifies them as anything other than “pink shorts”. A quick Google search led me to Free People, which stated that they’re hand-printed, which I totally have a new appreciation for since I now know how to hand-print things and all that. It’s also part of a two-piece set which SWOON I want but it’s from 2012 apparently so, umm, sux2suk. Never getting it.

I’m such an Australian label addict but I think there is so much beauty in combining clothing from all the different countries–my favorites being Australia, England, and the US. Australian labels have the most elegant shapes and when they do prints, they do them the best.

These shoes. These shoes. I am sitting here laughing because I swore I got to wear them three times before I needed to replace the heel tips but looking here, I see that the heel tip was long missing before this third wear. I am ridiculous, but I’m blaming the weird Providence pavement (my friend once found that she had tripped into and fell because of a legitimately square-shaped hole. I’m talking 90 degree angles and straight sides).

Anyway, these are amongst my most comfortable shorts and I think that’s more important than anything else written here.

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lena June 4, 2014 at 5:20 pm

this outfit is so lovely! shak is one of my favourite brands too (when I can afford it…) and always has such gorgeous pieces



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