8 Tips for Proper Instagram Etiquette + My Life via Instagram Pt. 4

July 20, 2012

So I’ve spent the last couple days really frequenting Instagram and I was really thinking about what should be considered proper etiquette on the popular photo app. There are some people who use Instagram in a way that makes me love them and others who, well, not so much. Here’s my idea of Instagram Etiquette.

Rule 1: Don’t post all your images from a single outing all at once.

This clogs up the feed and gets a little redundant. Yeah, you and your friends look cute in your dresses from last night in all 7 pictures, and yeah, you’re having fun chilling with friends in your home (I can tell because you felt that everyone needed to see every picture you took), but, we don’t need to see that many details. It encourages apathy from your followers. In a day, you really shouldn’t have more than 5 photos and even that is stretching it. Instead, use Facebook albums to share multiple images.

Rule 2: Do include a variety of photos.

People like to look at your dog, your food, your outfit, your recent purchases, your nature walk, etc. But remember to balance them! Mix it up! Too many of one photo subject can turn some people off, unless you’re a topic-specific Instagram.

Rule 3: Don’t repeat posts by putting up images solo, and then throwing them all together via Picstitch to post them again.

Like I said…a little redundant.

Rule 4: Do show outfits that you don’t post to your blog!

This is kind of like a reward for your followers. They get exclusive views immediately to their phones that others don’t have access to (granted they don’t check your Webstagram/Statigram feed regularly–if you have one! I do.)

Rule 5: Don’t always post with #hashtags.

I admit to getting a little carried away with this sometimes, but I’ll also admit that it is nice to see a post without any. When your caption is a paragraph of the same hashtags on each photo that you’ve clearly copied and pasted, you’re pushing it.

Rule 6: Do get a little artistic!

If you’re an artist, share your work–sketches, previews to full pieces, parts of photos from a series. It’ll build others’ interest in your work! If you don’t consider yourself artistically-minded, then give it a try, anyway! Found a really cool pattern? Fill the screen with it! Spot some graffiti? Share it! Might I even suggest to…try #nofilter? The Photoshop Express app in the Apple App Store can do some pretty nice editing without using the same predictable features as everyone else.

Rule 7: Don’t post only DSLR photos.

Posting photos from your digital camera can be a little deceiving. You should show your followers the types of beautiful images you can create using the camera you can post from immediately–your iPhone, Android, iPad, iPod, etc. Some really crisp, beautifully lit photos are very possible when you learn how to master your phone.

Rule 8: Do promote your blog posts!

I know that I definitely have some readers that only keep up with me through Instagram because of coordinated traffic spikes. Do yourself a favor and do it, too! I’d say definitely do it in moderation, but that depends entirely on how frequently you post. In order to avoid being repetitive, use an outtake photo that won’t be in your post!

I feel like a jerk for admitting to this, but I have unfollowed people because they lose my interest. I’m a very big fan of keeping my blogroll very efficient and I do it across every platform. But hey, I’ll also admit, we can’t all be everyone’s cup of tea.

Disclaimer: I’m no social media pro, but this is my stance on Instagram. It’s very easy to go overboard as with all social networks, and this is what I personally favor. It may be completely different for yourself!

Photo Captions:

1. Motel Hillary Body + JC ‘Puffer’ Sandals (the latter of which, I exchanged)
2. Mata Hari x Melody Ehsani clutch
3. Poolside at my best friend’s house
4. Me, ready to go out, on a failed night
5. DIY studded Levi’s shorts
6. American Apparel sponsorship package
7. High school yearbook message from a friend
8. Homemade Indo-Caribbean Dinner
9. Fourth Day Bikini

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Kailey July 21, 2012 at 6:44 am

Well thought out, wonderfully written, and very helpful post Melanie! Thank you for sharing <3


Melanie July 24, 2012 at 1:55 am

Thank you very much, Kailey! I appreciate your kind words :)


Jenmarie July 28, 2012 at 1:44 am

Awesome post, Melanie! Now if only I had Instagram…


Melanie July 29, 2012 at 2:16 pm

Thank you, Jen! If you ever get an iPod Touch you can use Instagram on it with Wifi! You don’t need an iPhone or Android :)


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