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April 29, 2016

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Melanie-Patterson-Radical-Darling-Calvin-Klein-for-UO-cropped-tank-YRSTRLY-sobe shorts-adidas-samoas-wildfox-catfarer-glasses-nasty-gal-bad-kids-backpack-2Melanie-Patterson-Radical-Darling-Calvin-Klein-for-UO-cropped-tank-YRSTRLY-sobe shorts-adidas-samoas-wildfox-catfarer-glasses-nasty-gal-bad-kids-backpack-3Melanie-Patterson-Radical-Darling-Calvin-Klein-for-UO-cropped-tank-YRSTRLY-sobe shorts-adidas-samoas-wildfox-catfarer-glasses-nasty-gal-bad-kids-backpack-4Melanie-Patterson-Radical-Darling-Calvin-Klein-for-UO-cropped-tank-YRSTRLY-sobe shorts-adidas-samoas-wildfox-catfarer-glasses-nasty-gal-bad-kids-backpack-5

+ Calvin Klein for UO Cropped Tank Top + YRSTRLY SoBe Shorts + adidas Samoa Sneakers (similar) + Nasty Gal Bad Kids Vegan Leather Backpack + Wildfox Le Femme Glasses (gifted by Frame Boutique) +

Nothing like ringing in Florida’s (extra) warm weather with tiny pieces of clothing. Crops and short-shorts have always been my thing, whether I’m in the homeland, Summer-ing it up in New England, or pretending it’s not cold in London. I think it’s through these outfit proportions that I learned to love my body: a high-waist lengthens my short torso and visually cinches my waist, and a rising hem makes my average height appear to be modelesque by making my already long legs look longer. Gone are the days where ill-fitting clothes had people telling me that my pear-shape was “disproportional” and where I tried to accentuate a skinny waist above all else because at least something was skinny. It’s literally been years…at least half a decade. But loving myself is never any less exciting.

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