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January 2, 2014

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So, it’s time to do my year in review post and looking back, I have so many things to be grateful for. Sometimes I have to realize that just because things aren’t going well all the time, doesn’t mean that things are actually bad. This year, I had faced so many opportunities. Here I am, with luck on my side because it’s looking like studying abroad didn’t ruin my life by putting me back a semester hahah. And just lots of other really good things. Check ’em out below.


1. London

Today marks the 1-year anniversary of my leaving to London. I can’t even explain to you the feelings of pure love that this place evokes. The trip changed the way I think, the way I interact with people, the way I work…the list goes on. If you follow me on Twitter or on Instagram you’ll know that I have serious plans to return and live there. I was my favorite me in London.


2. Barcelona

Barcelona was the first and (basically) only trip I made during my stay in London. The idea of traveling freaked me out (I had a mini panic attack en route to London while in Zurich) and so this controlled, structured school trip brought me some ease. And warmth. Also, I saw some crazy things in Spain, let me tell you.


3. Paris

I went to Paris for 8 hours. It shouldn’t even be on here. But well, I went. Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, a crepe, and macaroons sum up the entirety of my trip. But actually.


4. MBFW Swim

This was my first MBFW ever! Thanks to Niani, I was able to go to so many event including the show for Minimale Animale which has me dying while I wait for the new styles to drop. Thanks again, girl!


5. Room Revamp!

I’ve been wanting to have my room perfect for years but it’s just never happened. Perfect to me involves switching between 3 different shades of white paint…no lie. Anyway, it’s my space and I love working in it and it’s everything I ever wanted in a bedroom! I did it all by myself which makes it even better. I now know how to drill through cement guys.


6. Glamour Live / FUZE Collaboration

Can you believe I was in Glamour Magazine? I still can’t. Holy cannoli. It feels like a dream at this point! I was able to host an event in my 2nd home of Providence for Glamour and FUZE and life was good.


7. H&M 50 States of Fashion

Right as I was thinking that things couldn’t get any better, H&M contacts me to represent Rhode Island in their 50 States of Fashion campaign for the launch of their online store. They sent over some awesome clothes and a couple of gift cards (which are still funding my wardrobe, hehe) for me to style some outfits and promote their competition.


8. Black Girl with Long Hair Interview

It still amazes me that someone would find me interesting enough to interview, haha. Something I don’t talk about as much as I should is my natural hair (I transitioned two years ago) but it was cool to be recognized for it anyway! Check out the interview here.


9. Alexander Wang Shoes

Okay, so….this happened. My first designer purchase. These can’t not go on here. I mean…they’re my Alexander Wangs. Hopefully the first of many to come!


10. #Me

This year, I became a Tumblr hashtag thanks to a Tumblr called Black Fashion. Me. Me! With notes. Lots of notes. Literally thousands (more than one thousand). Like what even.


11. Nasty Gal Loves Me!

Okay, this isn’t anything major but its awesome to be recognized by one of my favorite brands and clothing stores. This year they’ve featured me on their front page at least 3 times and they’ve pinned from my blog! Nasty Gal and its founder are a big source of inspiration for me to just get up and do things…not necessarily start a store or brand, but just to be proactive and follow dreams and you know, all the cheesy stuff. So the acknowledgment means a lot.


12. Teen Vogue Feature

As if this year couldn’t get any better, I received a Facebook notification from a friend saying she saw me on Teen Vogue. I check it out and I’m literally the first blogger listed in the article, and I’m also featured alongside Karen and Rachel-Marie. What.


13. Solestruck x Miista Midnight Waters

This past semester was a really tough one for me academically, and thus, emotionally. I was having so many issues with my work and it was bringing me down and blah blah blah. There were so many projects that I just couldn’t figure out how to make into something I wanted to do and it was really overwhelming. The Miista competition was the most fun thing I worked on all semester, and it brought me out of my funk. It was also a great accomplishment to place second in the competition (sadly missing out on a trip to London) and know that I haven’t completely lost it. View my entries here. I also went from 1 pair to 7 pairs of Miistas in like, 3 months. Oops.


13-ish. New Friends

Whoever said no new friends is a fool because I have so many great new additions in my life from all across the US, Mexico, the UK, and more thanks to my semester abroad. These people made my adventures. I wouldn’t choose any one different to have gone on repeat fish & chips trips with, trek through mud in the English countryside with, or brave the Spanish nightlife with my crazy Venezuelan tutor with.

The End

2013 treated me so, so well and I hope you all can say the same for yourselves! Always remember to count your blessings because, well, the reality is that things could be worse and that well, they are actually worse for lots of people out there. 2014 will be my best year yet and I’m excited to make new memories, set new goals, and do bigger and better things.

Also, let me know if you like this type of post! I decided to make a ton of GIFs because, well, who doesn’t like GIFs? ;)

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Jenmarie January 2, 2014 at 2:19 pm

You had such an exciting year with wonderful opportunities! Loved the creativity of this post, friend :) Happy New Year!!


D'ana January 2, 2014 at 6:41 pm

You’ve accomplished so much and have proven the fact that anything you set your mind to is possible. Thank you for being you, for being so unique and for being a constant source of inspiration! Best of luck in 2014!


Ria January 3, 2014 at 11:32 pm

I feel like everyone had such an amazing 2013 in the blogsphere, things can only go up from here. Oh London how I love thee. I think the gif post is super cute and different.



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